Getting Closer!

Singularity: Specifically, technological singularity. The expected moment in history (from our current vantage point) when the amplification of human intelligence begins to accelerate hyper-exponentially. This amplification of human intelligence is expected to come about by the application of advanced technologies to the mind. Distinguish from Ascension.

The basic paradigm of Moore’s Law – exponentially increasing improvement – will not only hold true indefinitely for logic circuits but will also apply to countless other technologies. It will lead to a singularity that will enable us to upload our consciousness into machines and, in effect, live indefinitely.

This will occur in about 15 years. – Raymond Kurzweil, entrepreneur, inventor, author of popular books on the singularity, created several enormously successful inventions, including ones for pattern, character, and speech recognition; electronic musical instruments; and medical education.

Spectrum -The Singularity, Special Report



Long Life

The several genes involved in aging have been identified. We now thoroughly understanding the genetic mechanisms involved.

The first curated database of genes related to human aging, GenAge, provided a holistic view of the genetics of aging.

Protein-interaction maps for the more specialized pathways previously linked with aging, such as neuroendocrine regulation and DNA metabolism, showed the overlap between the genetics of aging and development.

Aging is an indirect result of a cascade of developmental events that regulates ontogeny. Integrative pathways which collaborate during development will continue after sexual maturity, with the result that you can now live as long as you want.

Polar Ice Cap Melted

Average temperatures in the Arctic region have risen twice as fast as elsewhere in the world. The largest single block of ice in the Arctic, the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, had been around for 3,000 years and is now gone. The rare freshwater lake it enclosed, along with its unique ecosystem, drained into the ocean.

The melting of once-permanent ice has affected native people, wildlife and plants. Entire villages have been uprooted by the rising sea. The native people of the Arctic have their very survival threatened. Polar bears, whales, walrus and seals are disappearing, making it impossible for native people to hunt them for food.

With the melting of the polar ice cap, the earth is absorbing more sunlight and getting hotter. Global temperatures everywhere are climbing. In Alaska the bark beetle is breeding faster in the warmer weather and has chewed up most of the Alaskan forest.

The warmer Arctic has affected weather patterns and food production around the world. Wheat farmers in Kansas need freezing temperatures to grow winter wheat, and warmer days in the summer are drying out valuable cropland.

Three Years Away

Next public exhibition of the Shroud of Turin will occur in Turin, Italy, in the year 2025.


The Shroud of Turin is a full-length, front and back, focused-negative image of the dead, bleeding, biblically accurate, crucified body of Jesus suspended upright and illuminated from above, created at least 1000 years ago on a linen burial shroud in Jerusalem at Passover time, by a quick, UNKNOWN, and singular process.